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Hitachi Analytical TableTop SEM / Benchtop SEM TM3030 and TM3030Plus

Stunning imaging and optional elemental analysis on top of your desk!

Since the introduction of the TM1000 in 2005, the revolutionary concept of Hitachi's tabletop microscopes has convinced over 2900 customers world-wide.
Unless other benchtop SEMs in the market, TM3030 is not just a miniaturized SEM asking too many decisions to its user: "Which accelerating voltage shall I use? Do I need high-vacuum or low-vacuum mode? Is my sample conductive enough to enable imaging? Can I really afford to coat my sample as I do want to use it for other purposes afterwards?" or the like.

Instead, Hitachi's benchtop microscope series strictly keeps things easy:
Like with an optical stereo microscope, it's simplicity enables all users, even those new to Electron Microscopy (SEM), to image their samples and to obtain high quality, high resolution images within minutes.
The default low-vacuum mode makes considerations about sample conductivity obsolete - no special sample preparation such as coating with metal films is required for hydrated, oily or non-conducting samples. Just two selectable beam energies optimize imaging for soft or hard matter. A high-quality multi-segment electron detector provides contrast-rich images with selectable material/compositional or topographical emphasis.

New: TM3030Plus!
For enhanced surface resolution and improved imaging of soft matter like polymers or biological specimen, TM3030Plus offers also secondary electron detection - with keeping all advantages of the classical TM3030. SE and BSE signals can be even mixed, for a maximum insight into your samples.

The TM3030 TableTop Microscope family covers the widest range of industrial and academic applications and research:

More than imaging?

For those applications requiring more than "just" imaging, TM3030 offers the possibility to integrate an EDS system for full-scale elemental analysis of samples. The working distances for observation and EDX analysis are the same (8.5mm), so switching from viewing of an interesting feature to its elemental analysis is possible immediately without any adjustment or risk to loose the site of interest.

With the TM3000 series, besides point analysis, also line scans and even elemental distributrion mappings (spectral imaging) are possible in short time due to the high probe currents available. Like everything in the TM3030, elemental analysis is easy - readily available even to novice users within a few mouse clicks. The charge reduction features of the TM3030 effectively prevent sample drift during not only imaging but also analytical work.

Details about the two EDS packages available for the TM3000 family can be found in the "TM3030 accessories" section.

To learn more about this exciting instrument:

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TM3030 accessories
TM3030 specifications
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